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The importance of online reviews in the world of marketing is a subject on which we could spend the whole day talking. In this article we are going to make a comparison of Yelp and Boost Reviews, two of the best known names when it comes to online reviews. The question to ask is, what, if any, are the similarities and differences between the two companies, and which one offers the best in terms of giving people that much sought after boost in online visibility.

Why Online Reviews Matter

Reviews, in one form or the other, have been around since time immemorial. From the ancient days when our ancestors relied on information that was passed down from one generation to the other under the moonlit sky, to the present day, when the bonfires that used to light the path in the darkness have been replaced by the internet, people have always relied on their peers when making important business decisions.


It’s a well known fact that word of mouth drives a large chunk of the business that takes place around the world. In fact, research indicates that the phenomenon is one of the greatest tools in the marketer’s repertoire, with 92 percent of the people who are out there saying they trust the recommendations from the people they know (friends and family).

Word-of-mouth: The Digital Version

There can be no doubting that reviews are the digital version of this word-of-mouth phenomenon. Today, people no longer get tips about the best hunting grounds around fireplaces. Whenever they are looking to make a purchase, they, instead, go online, to get tips from their peers on places that include Boost Reviews and Yelp.

That is the major reason why getting online reviews should form part of every marketing executive’s campaign strategy. Having said that, let us get back to this Yelp vs Boost Reviews comparison;

Yelp vs Boost Reviews: What do the two companies do?

Yelp and Boost Reviews are both online review entities.  However, that is about all there is in terms of similarities between the two companies.

What does Yelp do?

Yelp is, without doubt, one of the biggest names when it comes to gathering online reviews. The company allows people who have done business with you to leave reviews about their experiences. These reviews then become useful as a reference point for others, who may be considering doing business with your company.

What does Boost Reviews do?

Boost Reviews, on the other hand, is more of an aggregate online reviews concern. Just remember that Yelp is far from the only online reviews companies that can be found there. Others include Shopper Approved, Trust Pilot, Yotpo, Google Reviews, Facebook, Twitter and many more.

It can be challenging, from the point of view of the business owner, for people to keep track of all the reviews that are left by customers on a wide range of platforms. This is where Boost Reviews comes into the picture.

The Boost Reviews platform allows you to gather in one place all the reviews that are being left on the internet by people that have done business with you.

Better Management of your Reviews

The result is that you can better manage your online presence. Boost Reviews allows you to stay in touch with what people are saying about your company on review sites, blogs, social media and in other places.

Difference between Boost Reviews and Yelp

The major difference between Boost Reviews and Yelp is that where the latter gathers reviews from customers, the former does not directly gather reviews, but allows you to view and manage everything that is being said about your company across the World Wide Web.

Reputation Management

In this regard, Boost Reviews is more of a reputation management company than Yelp will ever hope to be. Reputation Management is very important in today’s business environment, considering how easy it has become for people to look up information on the internet.

Just consider the fact that around 90% of consumers now confess that their purchasing decisions are influenced by the reviews that they look up online, and you will understand why it is so important for companies to stay on top of the situation as far as reputation management is concerned. Boost Review helps manage your reputation in the following ways;

  • By giving you the ability to verify listings across the internet, which helps improve your standing on Search Engine Result Pages.
  • By making it easy for you to gather positive mentions across the internet, including on social media, blogs and news sites.
  • Boost Reviews, as mentioned earlier, aggregates all the reviews that have been left about your company, which allows you to get information in what needs to be improved.
  • With Boost Reviews, you also get actionable reports on a regular basis, along with instant notifications whenever new information becomes available.

Boost Reviews helps you to get Star Rating extensions

Did you know that about 43% of the consumers that are out there state that they will not do business with a company that has a 3 star rating or less. That is why it is so important for you to manage your online reputation.

The reviews that people leave online, including on such places as Shopper Approved, Yelp and Google Reviews, are used by Google to come up with an average rating, that then appears on Search Engine Result Pages as part of the rich snippets.

The good thing is that Boost Reviews gives you the ability to improve on your reputation by getting the relevant stars in your ads and in organic traffic.

Star Ratings in AdWords

Boost Reviews also allows you to get star ratings in your AdWords Ads, which gives your ads greater visibility and allows you to improve on the click through rate of your ads. Get in touch today for all the amazing products that are available at Boost Reviews!

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