Why You Should Go on the Offensive When it Comes to Online Reputation Management

Taking a proactive stance when it comes to protecting your online reputation is of paramount importance. As such, online reviews are critical to your business. And how you respond to them is equally as critical. Your customers and potential customers want to be heard, respected and addressed. However, because online reviews are so public, it’s even more important to nurture a commitment to solid customer service.

Never forget that your behavior is there for everyone to witness. Here’s why you should go on the offensive in regards to online reputation management.

Google Will Reward You

When you take time out of your day to respond to your reviews, especially Google reviews, you’re showing the search engine giants that your page is actively maintained. In turn, Google will reward you with increased online exposure for your listings.

It Makes Sense

If an unhappy customer came into your store and told you they were unsatisfied, you wouldn’t just turn around and ignore them. Why would you ignore online feedback then? Address the core issue, apologize if necessary and remain calm. Remember to not take anything personally. Just acknowledge the feedback, replying in a courteous and simple manner.

This is just how good customer service is done, and it will pay off big time later if you do it right. When you show courtesy to your customers, they will show it back.

Build up Confidence

When someone locates your online listing and sees all the reviews and your responses, they can see that you care about good service. Even for negative reviews, you have a unique opportunity to turn one customer’s bad experience into a good one. You may even be able to salvage them as a customer, turning them around with how you respond. For a positive review, this can be as simple as publicly saying “thank you.” This not only reinforces your character but your commitment to customers.

Always keep it front of mind that online reviews can make or break your online reputation. Respond to them fast, respond appropriately, and ensure you leave your audience with a positive impression of you. After all, they will be the ones making basic big decisions about your company and ultimately determining your online perception.

View your online review responses as a great way to groom and build your business. Treat your customers with dignity and respect, and you will experience it in return.

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