Why Buying Fake Online Reviews Can Get You Into Trouble

Concerned about fake feedback? Whether you’re on the giving or receiving end of this, you should know this practice can get you or the perpetrator into some hot water. Let’s say you’re shopping online for new shoes. You find the perfect pair at a price that can’t be beat. The reviews are great, you’re convinced this is the best purchase for you. But in the back of your mind, you wonder how real all those reviews are. Can you really trust them? What’s real and what’s fake?

There are lots of sellers out there who will try to make a quick buck out of anything. All you have to do is hop on Google and search for people selling fake, positive reviews for the likes of Trustpilot and TripAdvisor and you’ll be amazed by the results. The problem with these open platforms is that anyone can create a profile and write a review. This makes it harder and harder to separate genuine reviews from, well, not-so-genuine ones.

In this way, consumers are easily misled, which could lead to a disappointing purchase and overall customer experience. Yes, there’s lots of genuine feedback out there but you just have to be careful. Some sites, like Feefo, gather real reviews through a closed platform that sends a personal invite to customers asking them to leave a review after making a purchase.

Damaging vs. Illegal

So, are fake reviews simply damaging or are they actually illegal? Turns out, they’re both. Businesses that post fake reviews or who deliberately fail to include negative reviews that can mislead your customers could put you in violation of consumer protection regulations. These laws don’t just apply to businesses; consumers may also be held responsible.

If you are the victim of unjust feedback, here are some steps you can take to get justice:

  • Get proof: In order to get that fake review removed or to take legal action, you must prove its falsehood.
  • Contact the review platform and ask to remove the review. This may work, it may not. It depends on the company’s policy.
  • Report a fake review to Google if the review appears on your Google My Business page. You will also have to prove it wasn’t left by a real customer.
  • You could sue the person for leaving a fake review, but the legal fees could be very cost prohibitive. There will also have to be an investigation that can take time. In the end, you have to prove the allegations are false.

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