What’s Your Reputation Worth?

The answer to this question is: pretty much everything. A great reputation will build trust and inspire others to be good. It will, when combined with hard work and preparation, bring your company long-term success. However, that reputation must be guarded and protected fiercely. In a nutshell, what people think about us can absolutely make or break us. Warren Buffet once said “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” He couldn’t be more right.

Remember, your reputation is fragile and will break easily if ignored or neglected. It must be nurtured and looked-after. It must be fed and watered. Today’s social media climate has only added more challenges to the concept of reputation management. Reviews, comments, posts and tweets can go viral in a second. When they do, it’s like opening Pandora’s Box. You can’t stuff all that negativity back inside the box.

You may liken a reputation with the things people say about you when you aren’t in the room. With the digital age well upon us, there are many billions of “rooms” now that have the ability to pass judgment on us – for better or worse.

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So how can we protect our own reputations online? First, simply know and live your values every day, every minute, every second. Stand firm and be vigilant about what you stand for. Try, if you can, to think past the moment and imagine what will happen if you don’t respond in the right way. Those small decisions made in the heat of the moment can build or break a good reputation.

Your reputation starts with your values because that is what forms the authentic link between what you stand for and what actions you will take, says Forbes.

Responding appropriately to online reviews, whether on review sites or on social media platforms, plays a big part in how we are perceived by customers and potential customers. Apologize quickly and correctly, acknowledging their problem and your role in it. Don’t rationalize; rather, own your actions and words. Assure them it will never happen again.

Once you have mended fences, move on and get back to work. Stay diligent and keep paying attention to each moment.

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