Tips on asking for reviews from your customers

Every business that’s out there understands the importance of getting online reviews, yet it can be difficult to get feedback from one’s customers. How, in any case do you go about asking for reviews? Is there a polite way of doing so? Should you beg for reviews from your customers, or should you offer incentives to those that are willing to provide you with the kind of feedback that you are looking for? Here, in any case, are a few asking for reviews from your customers;

  1. Make it easy for your customers to leave reviews

One of the most important tips, as far as getting reviews from your customers is concerned, is to make it easy for them to give you feedback. This is something that we, at Boost Reviews, specialize in. Our cutting edge software integrates into your site, making it easy for people to give feedback at appropriate times after doing business with you. Boost Reviews gives you the very best of reputation management.

  1. Have Multiple Collection Methods

So, how do you collect reviews from your customers? Having multiple collection methods is another useful tip as far as gathering online reviews is concerned. At Boost Reviews, we give you the ability to collect reviews via SMS, through Email and at the point of sale. Our collection methods give you and industry leading 50% response rate.

The important thing to remember is the people are not naturally inclined towards giving businesses the much needed feedback. Indeed, it is true that the customer who is motivated to look for a brand on the internet for the purpose of leaving a review is one who is rather angry and wants to leave scathing feedback.

This can mean that you will have more negative online reviews, despite the fact that your reputation offline may be good.

  1. Ask for Reviews in person

The best way through which you can drown out these negative reviews is by asking happy customers to go online and leave feedback. And you are likely to get a positive response should you ask for reviews in person. This works best for your long term customers, or where interaction is for an extended period before the purchase.

The best time during which to ask for a review in person is when a happy customer is showering you with praise. However, this is only possible should you create the opportunity for conversation. For most businesses, that is not really possible. However, where the possibility exists, it may actually pay to sit down with your customer for a cup of coffee at the conclusion of a transaction.

  1. Give them an incentive to leave reviews

Again, you need to remember that people are not naturally motivated to give you feedback, unless, as we have already noted, they are really angry with you. One way of getting people to leave reviews is to offer them some form of incentive for doing so. You can, as an example, offer a discount on future purchases to anyone that takes the time to review your site.

  1. Engage customers on negative reviews

Negative reviews are an inevitable part of online reputation management. What you need to do, however, when you get negative feedback, is create engagement with the concerned customers. In most instances, there are steps that can be taken to turn that negative experience into a positive reflection of your brand. Once engagement has taken place, it becomes easy for you to ask the customer to go back to Yelp, Google or any other review platform to edit their feedback.

  1. Ask for reviews over the phone

There are certain businesses where it is possible for you to use the phone to ask for reviews from your customers. If, as an example, you have been providing support for a particular product or service over the phone, it would be easy for you to, at the end of the conversation, thrown in a word or two asking for the (hopefully satisfied) customer to give feedback.

  1. Don’t Give up

Finally, reviews are something on which you should never give up on. Getting reviews tends to be a hit and miss affair, yet the rewards are  high. Indeed, businesses that get positive reviews from their customers can expect a noticeable boost in revenue.

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