Three Reasons Why You Need Social Media for Reputation Management

It’s time to get social. Your online reputation depends on it. Plus, you really can’t afford not to in this day and age, where if you’re not visible online you may as well not exist. First up, develop business pages and accounts on all the major social media platforms, from Facebook to Twitter so you are better able to manage your business while attracting potential customers. This is the best way to convert employees, customers, friends and acquaintances into brand advocates.

According to Pew Research Center, Facebook is still the most widely used social media platform by a healthy margin, as 68 percent of U.S. adults use this platform as of 2018. A whopping 84 percent of people trust online reviews as much as those of their friends, says Furthermore, 68 percent form an opinion after they read between one and six online reviews.

Expanding Your Social Media Influence

Maintaining a social media account for your business is somewhat different than for your personal life. You have to be much more careful about what you post and how you respond to customers with a professional account. It takes a higher level of diligence and attention to make the most out of your social media status.

Here are three reasons you need social media to manage your online reputation:

#1 Your Customers Want to Talk to You

But they don’t want to actually talk to you. They’ll do anything to avoid calling you on the phone just to learn basic information about your hours or a product you sell. Instead, they want to interact with you in a space where they feel the most comfortable, as well as where they spend the most time, and that is online. If you have an easily accessible and constantly updated Facebook page, Twitter feed or Instagram account, your customers can check in with you, find out information immediately, and get answers to their questions. Check in on your social media accounts throughout the day to see what people are saying about you and to respond to positive or negative comments.

#2 Build Relationships

Smart businesses know they have to focus on relationship building. Social media is just one part of that approach. Yes, you need to think about content marketing and SEO to tap into your full potential. But social media is integral in building trusting relationships with your followers. Use your socials to target your audience so they can grow and foster trust in your company, your mission and your brand. Post links to authoritative articles, add some helpful YouTube videos, update your Instagram with cool pictures, ask for reviews from satisfied customers. It’s best if you can cross-reference your social media platforms for the highest level of impact.

#3 Get Personal

Your prospective customers don’t want to deal with a stuffy corporation: they want to interact with a human being. With social media, you can be multi-dimensional with the ability to adapt to varying conditions. Social media gives you a more informal outlet so you can take polls, respond to questions, post photos introducing new products, and feel comfortable asking for reviews. It’s important to make your customers feel like they’re a part of your family.

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