The Importance of Online Review Monitoring

Maintaining a positive online footprint while digitally engaging with customers is of paramount importance to today’s business owners. A recent report outlined on Forbes shows that 97 percent of people said online reputation management is vital to their business, as well as online review and social presence management.

The majority of business owners are very concerned about their presence online and how they use mobile and social platforms to attract the right audience. If you’re a business owner looking for ways to take control of your online presence, heed these tips.

Perform an Audit of Your Online Reputation

When potential customers Google your company, what do they find? In an ideal world, they will see a clean, impressive website, a timely list of positive news articles and online profiles about you, and five-star reviews. If they’re not seeing that, you’re giving them a subpar first impression and they will likely go elsewhere.

The truth of the matter is, businesses risk losing 22 percent of business when potential customers land on even one negative article on the first page of search results. If that number includes three negative articles, the number jumps to nearly 60 percent. On top of negative articles, there are other things to concern yourself with.

For example, you may have inconsistencies in your information, confusing calls to action, outdated and stale web assets, and old tweets and facebook posts from long ago. All of these things can send you to a premature digital graveyard.

This is why you should perform a total digital audit of your online presence. Dig through search results, images, social media postings, etc. Identify any red flags and set about fixing them. Update your website, add fresh blogs, and use media monitoring tools to result in a more robust brand tracking system.

Make Better Use of Online Reviews

There are many review platforms out there and they’re all different in some way. Employee-facing review platforms such as Glassdoor will affect your recruitment efforts; customer-facing platforms such as Yelp and Google will impact your sales. Then you have sector-specific platforms too such as TripAdvisor for travelers, HealthGrades for patients or Avvo for those in need of legal advice.

Despite the platforms you’re on, there are countless benefits to having an active and positive review profile. That being said, self-motivated reviewers are much more likely to be dissatisfied with your services and leave a poor review.

You’re not defenseless, though. Responding to a negative attack in a positive manner is not only possible but encouraged. Being proactive in your response can turn a negative review into a positive experience. Over time, your reviews will showcase a more authentic representation of your company.

To start, claim your online listings. Go through the verification process painstakingly so you can prove you represent a legitimate business. Only then can you display accurate business information, respond to online reviews, and control your online reputation over the long haul.

Publish Valuable Content

Businesses that lack a strong digital content strategy risk losing buyer awareness, as well as sales opportunities. Customers will simply go elsewhere to locate the answers to their questions.

Producing digital content will take different paths for different companies. Your type of business may find more value in producing fact-based white papers and webinars while another type of business may prefer casual case studies and blog posts. Test out varying styles, media, and formats. Let the resulting data become your guide as you refine your process.

Contact Boost Reviews

A huge part of maintaining a reputable online reputation is managing your reviews. Boost Reviews can help you stay on track, garnering the five stars you need to stand out from the rest. Contact us today to get started.





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