The Disadvantages of Over-Responding to Online Reviews

Short and sweet: this is the advice we can give you for crafting your responses to online reviews – both good and bad. Going into too much detail can actually hurt you, so get to the point and move on. Here are some reasons why you should never over-respond to online reviews.

According to Market Business News, a new study suggests that when managers respond to online reviews, they risk opening up the floor to a large number of negative reviews. In other words, when consumers think their opinions might have influence, they tend to engage in negative reviewing.

Positive Reviews

When you receive a positive review, you should respond in kind. This is a great way to reinforce your company-to-customer bond after a purchase. Not only does this show your existing customers that you care about them even after they buy something from you, it also shows potential customers what kind of business they will be dealing with if they buy from you in the future. It’s a win-win.

However, you still need to keep it simple and short. Try something like: “Thank you for your kind review. We are happy you loved your purchase and hope to see you again soon!”.  You could add a personal touch that reflects their comment. If they mentioned a particular waiter, for example, mention that you will pass on their kind words about that person.

Any time you get an opportunity to reinforce a positive experience with a customer, especially directly after a purchase, take it.

So-So Reviews

Sometimes reviews are not good or very bad, just, well, meh. They don’t bash your company but they certainly don’t give it glowing reviews. These “in the middle” reviews can be somewhat contradicting in their star reviews and comments. Sometimes a customer liked the overall experience but one part of it didn’t sit well with them. Maybe they loved the floral centerpiece you made for them as well as the friendly interaction, but the delivery was an hour late. In this case, you may only get a two or three star review because of that one missing link.

Responding to this type of review will take a greater investment of time than a straight-forward positive review. You’ll still need to reinforce confidence in your products with those who are on the fence, but you have the added incentive of using this as an opportunity to wow them with their next purchase.

Your response could be something like “We’re glad you loved the bouquet, but we’re sorry that the delivery was late. The matter is being addressed so that this issue does not happen again. Your business is very important to us, which is why we want to rectify the problem so you will consider buying from us in the future.”

Negative Reviews

Then there are the scathing one-star reviews that slam your business. This is the kind of review that can do some serious damage. These reviews are brutally honest, slanderous and outright rude, telling customers to avoid your business, all with an angry undertone. Responding to these types of reviews is no doubt a delicate task, but it can’t be avoided. If you respond to nothing else, this is the review you shouldn’t let past you.

First, take the time to listen and truly hear what they’re saying. Try not to take offense and never add fuel to the fire by responding while upset. Issue a quick apology publicly and keep it short. Going into detail on a public forum will only open you up to further scrutiny and could result in a back and forth that just won’t end well.

Instead, take the discussion offline, apologize again, offer a replacement or a refund and get their contact information so you have it in the future. Once you have sincerely appeased them, you can ask them to amend their review – but don’t jump the gun or else it will look obvious. Most of the customers that leave such an angry review won’t be back to visit you anytime soon, but at least you handled yourself with dignity and grace – and other customers are sure to notice that.

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