Reviews in SERPs. How to get them

Ever carried out a Google Search? Okay, that’s not such a good question these days, considering how the entire world is now seemingly connected. One of the things that you may have noticed when carrying out searches on Google is that your Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) can be composed of both “normal,” and “rich” snippets.  So, what are rich snippets and how to you get reviews in SERPs?

Normal snippets are, well, just normal. Review snippets (formerly rich snippets), on the other hand, contain a lot more information. This extra information is positioned between the URL and the description and can include a rating system that is based on five stars.

Reviews in SERPS

Getting reviews and rich snippets in Search Engine results is important for a number of reasons;

  • Reviews that appear in SERPS act as a beacon of trust. People know, when they come across a site that has received a lot of five star ratings, that their peers have already been there. Not only that, but they also know that others have found whatever it is that you have on offer satisfactory.
  • Reviews assure people that your products and services are of a high enough quality. This gives them the extra push that is needed in order to turn them into leads and conversions.
  • Reviews are a good way through which you can increase your Click Through Rate (CTR). Again, it all comes to visibility.

Types of Reviews

The reviews that appear in Google’s Search Engine Result Pages can be classed into two.

  1. Critic reviews
  2. Review snippets

Critic Reviews

As your business grows, it’s going to be inevitable that someone will write and publish a review on your business. Google takes snippets from these long reviews, and uses them in search results.

Review snippets

Rich snippets are now referred to in Google as Review snippets. These are derived from review websites, and are usually composed of the average of the ratings that have been left by people who have done business with your website.

Star Ratings Extensions

Star rating extensions are something that can be used either in organic or in paid search. The important thing is that they help increase the visibility of your ad (in AdWords), or your site (in Organic search results).

Boost Reviews

Boost reviews is one of the companies that offer you the chance to give your business greater online visibility through star ratings and reviews. Online reviews, it has to be said, have grown over the years to become the digital version of the word of mouth phenomenon that has long served as a major driver for large chunks of the business that takes place around the globe.

Getting Star Rating Extensions in AdWords

If you are running AdWords ads, the easiest way through which you to get Star Rating extensions is by using the services of a company that has been certified by Google to aggregate either Seller or Product Ratings. There are a number of companies that offer these services.

Getting Reviews and Ratings in Organic Search

So, how do you get Reviews and ratings in Organic Traffic? In order to get hold of star rating extensions in organic search, all that you need to do is the following;

  1. Get Genuine Reviews

The Star Ratings and reviews that appear in Search Engine Result Pages are based on real reviews that are left online by real people. Sites from which the reviews are derived include such places as Yelp, Trustpilot, Shopper Approved, Boost Reviews and Google My Business. Note that the reviews that you get need to be left on a trusted review site.

Boost Reviews is one of those sites, which is why you should get in touch with us today to get going. Also note that Google now has a recommendation that these reviews also appear on your website and not exclusively on Yelp or any of the other companies that are mentioned above.

Collecting Testimonials

There are several plugins that you can use to collect and display testimonials on your website. Ecommerce systems can, in most instances, be set up to automatically solicit, via emails, for reviews from people who have purchased something on your catalog. We are not, in any case, going to go into greater detail about how you can get reviews on your site. That, in any case, is a topic for another day.

  1. Using Schema Markups to get reviews to appear in SERPS

Once you have collected genuine reviews, the next thing that you need to do in order to get them to appear on Search Engine Result Pages is to use what are referred to as schema markups. What this does is notify Google about the reviews that you have gathered from various sources and tells the Search engine that the reviews are now available for use by Google.  This is also referred to as structured data or microdata. You can get a lot more information about this data types on this page.

Using a Plugin

Although it is possible for you to manually setup your site to the standards that are required so that it can be correctly interpreted by bots, including Google’s, it’s way simpler, in WordPress, to use a plugin such as WP SEO Structured Data Schema plugin.

  1. It takes time

One of the things that we need to point out is that getting reviews and ratings in your SERPs result pages is no walk in the park. That is why we recommend that you get in touch with us in order to make the process as painless as is possible.

Needless to say here, however, that should you choose to proceed alone using the above mentioned plugin, all that you need to do is fill in the required information, such as your logo, opening hours and other information.

  1. Will the ratings appear after this?

Even after you have done everything that we have mentioned above, there can still be no guarantee that the ratings will appear in your Search Engine result pages. Its particularly difficult to get a home page to show ratings and reviews.

  1. Google Reviews

Google Reviews is another of the ways through which you can get reviews and ratings to appear in your SERPs. The task, in this regard, is to get as many people as possible to leave reviews about your business on Google Reviews.

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