Protecting Your Brand Reputation Using the Power of Online Reviews

The connected consumers of today are savvier than ever. They don’t want to be hit over the head with bold advertising claims, or any advertisements at all, for that matter. They are inundated with information on product information day in and day out, which can easily lead to anxiety and a desire to disconnect from it all. Brands looking to survive and thrive have to wholeheartedly embrace the age of the authentic customer testimonial. With any luck, this will lead to a new appreciation for an old approach: the review.

Whatever your brand, you must consider the opportunity your consumers have to post product reviews on your own website, but on top of that you also have to recognize the power they wield when it comes to posting on independent review sites like Yelp, Google+ and Angie’s List. Now, your brand must rely heavily on what other people are saying about you. It’s critical that you use this to your advantage, building and growing your business.

Forbes points out that 99 percent of customers read online reviews, with 88 percent of people trusting reviews as much as they do personal recommendations. About 72 percent will only take action after they have read a favorable review. A one-star review on Yelp results in a five to nine percent increase in revenue; a negative review will cost you about 30 customers. Oh, and Yelp reviewers post at a rate of 26,000 per minute.

According to Search Engine Land, 90 percent of customers read at least 10 reviews before deciding whether or not to place their trust in a business.

Enhance the Positive

Despite what actions you take to promote your brand’s worth, nothing works quite as well as word of mouth from satisfied customers. Once you land those positive reviews, share them on your website and social media channels. You’re essentially letting other people do the work of promoting your brand, saving you money and time in the process. You’re also given new information you can use to improve your own marketing approach. Remember, reviews can be a powerful combination of both research and promotion.

Don’t Shy Away From the Negative

You can’t please everyone all the time. If you don’t show some kind of negativity in terms of reviews, users will suspect you’re withholding information. Adding a few negative reviews into the mix will add credibility by showcasing a certain level of transparency and willingness to take other people’s viewpoints into consideration to boost performance.

A negative review isn’t a disaster. How you handle it will make all the difference. Mistakes and deficiencies happen. When you can admit fallibility, you appear more authentic and humble. Follow up the right way and your customers may even go back and revise what they said.

Pursue the Review

Search Engine Land also says that 70 percent of customers will leave a review when asked. While unhappy customers are more likely to leave a review, you can go out there and ask for what you need. No need to sit by and be passive.

Attract reviews through direct engagement with your customers on social media and in blogs. You should always be as personal as possible in order to make a meaningful connection with the consumer. This will give you the best chance at a productive two-way interaction resulting in a positive image for your brand.

It’s All About Perspective

Reviewers rate not just your product or their individual experience but your company as a whole. Put yourself in their shoes and see what they see in regards to user-friendliness of your website, speed of response to inquiries, and attention to detail displayed within customer interactions. The way you respond to complaints or reviews is everything. Not many people just leave a review and never look at it again. They’re waiting for your response.

There are many opportunities to look good online. Make the most of all of them. When you approach your interactions with brand personality in mind, you will go far. Reviews can be great ways to promote your brand and manage your reputation, but you have to be proactive and make reviews not just a benchmark of performance but also a vital part of your strategy.

Staying on top of those reviews and what people are saying about you is important. This task can be made much easier with the help of Boost Reviews. Let us help you acquire customer feedback, testimonials and online reviews for your business today.



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