5 Ways To Maximise Your Marketing Campaign This Christmas

The silly season is well and truly here and if you’re in business you’re going to be looking for new ways to maximise your marketing campaign this Christmas.

With Christmas just around the corner, shoppers all over the world are socially distancing and shopping online, and businesses with a strong digital presence are reaping the Christmas rewards.

December brings in more than $33 billion annually for Australian businesses, so having a well-developed digital strategy is absolutely vital to ensuring you get a slice of the Christmas revenue.

Scratching your head and asking “how do I create a strong digital strategy?”

Well, Merry Christmas, here are 5 simple ways you can maximise your Christmas campaign, right in time for the festive season.

1.Ensure Your  Website Is Up To Date

Did you know that Australian’s spent approximately $28 billion on online shopping in 2018 alone?  Having your products or services online is one of the most important assets your business can have. With the silly season not far away, it’s vital that you get online, and stay up-to-date.

Statistics have shown that online shopping has increased considerably in recent years, with online sales increasing by 10% while foot traffic has improved by just 3%. With many people at work during traditional store opening hours, turning to online shopping has become the easiest option to still get that dose of retail therapy with up to 80% of Australian’s admitting to shopping online.

Of this, Australia Post and StarTrack have narrowed it down further, revealing that 47% of online shoppers are logging on and checking out after 2PM, with 29% of that happening between the hours of 7 to 10PM.

In regards to Christmas, this means you’ll be missing a huge slice of Christmas profit pie if you don’t have your products online.

2.Post Consistently On Social Media

Over 18 million Australian’s are currently on social media – That’s 71% of our population!

Social Media is quickly becoming one of the most popular mediums for online shopping and browsing, and many shoppers are enjoying the convenience of shopping online without having to leave their favourite social media platform.

By regularly posting to social media you can:

  • Reach a new audience
  • Keep your customers up-to-date with new products and sales
  • Establish a relationship with your customers which breeds loyalty 
  • Create brand awareness

Ensuring that your brand or business is active on social media is incredibly important to attracting new sales this Christmas. Invest a few hours a week to creating a strategy yourself, or hire a professional marketing agency (like ourselves!) to assist you with it and leave the magic up to us. 

3.Don’t Be Afraid Of Giveaways

Do you know what people love more than anything? Free stuff!

It’s a really simple, effective way to gain more social media followers and make more sales

Many major brands will run giveaways right throughout the year (think McDonald’s Monopoly and Starbucks #RedCupContest), not because they have to create brand awareness, because they are so well known, but to create customer loyalty and word of mouth recommendations.

While running a competition or giveaway does require some initial outlay for the product or service, the end results can be well worth it. If you’re not sure how to run a successful campaign (or simply don’t have the time), email our sister company, Boost Social Media and they will take care of it for you.

4.Utilise Instagram Stories

So you’re posting regularly on social media – Now it’s time to start using Instagram stories!

While posting regular stories can seem like a lot of effort, they can actually be surprisingly beneficial for creating brand awareness for your business.

With over 500 million accounts viewing Instagram stories every day, Instagram stories are a good way to engage with your followers in a more unique and entertaining way, offering lots of stickers and features to help keep your followers interested in your brand.

Each brand uses Instagram in their own unique way. One of the best things you can do over Christmas is use stories to advertise specials and get customer feedback on products! If you have more than 10,000 followers you can include a swipe up feature to take people directly to your website.

Use the poll, question, slide react and quiz stickers to engage with your audience, and share your feed posts to your stories to encourage people to check out your page and your products. When it comes to Instagram stories, the possibilities are endless!

5.Encourage Good Reviews

With up to 95% of customers looking at online reviews before shopping with a business – Having positive reviews available for potential customers to see this Christmas is absolutely vital.

In the digital age, online reviews have become almost as trustworthy as a recommendation directly from a friend, and while gaining positive online reviews can be harder than it seems, collecting and showcasing a good variety of reviews can really make a difference to your sales this Christmas. In fact, studies have shown that businesses receive 18% more sales if they have reviews compared to businesses that don’t!

Reviews need to be recent. It takes at least 6 positive reviews before a person will make a purchasing decision. If reviews are something that you’re struggling to get, simply asking your customers to leave a good review, incentivizing leaving an honest review or using a feedback collection company such as Boost Reviews can really help to bring those reviews in, and as a result generate those sales! 









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