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Real Estate Professionals

The Boost Reviews platform comes with the following cutting edge features for Real Estate companies:

Displays star ratings on your AdWords text ads, Facebook, Google Local, Yelp, BBB, etc. This helps you get phone calls before your competitors do.

We collect reviews via instant reviews, email, SMS etc. As a real estate broker, you don’t necessarily need to ‘close a deal’ to get a review – by simply ‘helping’ someone with their real estate query, they are eligible to leave a review.

We automate the process of gathering online reviews. This means you aren’t required to chase individual customers for reviews. Once you have integrated our platform the process will take care of itself!

Our platform is easy to implement and gives you a response rate of up to 50%.

We offer support for up to 26 languages – this is great if your target audience speaks multiple languages.

Our platform allows you to dispute negative reviews, which ensures you retain a clean image for your business.

We show all of your reviews on your “Certificate Page”, where your overall rating is shown.

Why Online Reviews are important for Real Estate Businesses

At Boost Reviews we understand online reviews are extremely important, particularly for Real Estate companies. Real Estate Businesses thrive of online rating and views for the following reasons:


They provide proof of credibility, which reassures potential buyers and sellers they are dealing with a real estate professional. This is crucial as 90% of people admit their purchasing decisions are influenced by online reviews.


Directs prospect buyers to your website and keeps them there. There is no way around potential buyers/sellers using Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, etc., so leverage Boost Reviews technology by grabbing prospects’ initial attention.


Drive buyers to listings on your website. This is a must for any real estate broker using an IDX (Internet Data Exchange), which shows property listing from your local MLS.

Getting Seller Ratings

For Your Real Estate Business

Seller Ratings are a large component to your Real Estate business achieving greater online visibility. Seller Ratings are an automated five-star based system used to showcase your ratings and reviews in Search Engine result pages.


The importance of Seller Ratings can’t be overemphasised. According to Google, businesses that show Seller ratings in their AdWords ads have Click Through Rates that are 17% higher than those that do not. Seller Ratings are a great way to increase your online visibility and, by extension, your revenue.

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At Boost Reviews we have made it our business to ensure Real Estate companies get the kind of online visibility that helps boost their business.

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