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Insurance Companies

No other Online Reputation Management software achieves the same results as ours. Our industry leading software supports the insurance sector in the following ways:

We simplify and automate the process of gathering reviews. This means you don’t need to go after individual customers for reviews. With our software you’ll be able to gather reviews via email, text message, or at checkout while someone places an order online. The ideal customer to review your service would be the person renewing an insurance policy. For insurance agents who sell insurance in person, you can obtain a review on the spot by simply using our app.


Show Seller Ratings in Google AdWords CPC text ads. Star Ratings increase your visibility, which gives your insurance company an advantage over your competitors. And as we all know, the insurance industry is one of the most competitive industries ever – every positive review helps! Our software supports up to 26 languages, which is important if you target multilingual communities.

Boost the credibility of your insurance company with a “Certificate Page” where your overall rating is showcased. Credibility is an extremely important attribute of your business as people want to be reassured their lives, property and finances are in safe hands.

We help you gather local reviews where they matter most! Receive reviews on your favourite platforms; Google Local, Facebook, Yelp, and on our very own Boost Reviews platform.

Get a 42% response rate for your insurance company and benefit from a guaranteed rate of 94.39% of feedback converts to 4 and 5 star reviews.

The Importance of Online Reviews

Due to the varied nature of the insurance industry, it’s crucial to acknowledge the key to your success directly correlates with your online reputation – Boost Reviews understands this. Not convinced? Our data shows:

90% of the purchasing made today are influenced by online reviews.

If your business has received a 3-star rating around 43% of consumers say they will not do business with you.

73% of your potential customers will base their decision to do business with you on only 6 online reviews.

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Our revolutionary software is used by hundreds of insurance companies around the world to achieve the credibility and trust that is so crucial to the insurance industry.

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