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When it comes to getting online reviews for the education sector, Boost Reviews clearly offers the best features:

Display seller ratings on Google AdWords ads for your School, College or University. This increases your online visibility and credibility, which inevitably means more people will enrol in your institution. Seller ratings can give your institution a CTR boost of up to 17%.

Get Rich Snippets in your Google organic results page and increase your institution’s online visibility. Each course you offer can have its own ratings that are displayed on Google.

Automate the process of getting reviews for your college or school. Our software can integrate into your database, allowing you to send out emails and text messages asking for feedback from current and former students. These reviews will show in Google, Facebook, Boost Reviews, and many more places.

Simplify the process of asking for reviews from current and former students at your institution. Use email, text, or even a POS system to gather reviews.

Social Media now plays an important role in getting online reviews for the education sector.

Boost the credibility of your school, college or university through a ‘Certificate Page’ that shows your overall rating.

The Importance of Online Reviews

If you still need convincing about how online reviews play an important role in the Education Sector, consider the following:

Up to 75% of high school students now consult social media when deciding where to enrol

38% of people say the information they gather online influences their choice of school, and in general, 90% of people’s purchasing decisions are influenced by online reviews

If you have a 3-star rating, 43% of potential students will not bother enrolling at your institution, while 73% will form an opinion after reading only 6 reviews

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