How to Track Google Reviews

Google’s review sites can be confusing, thanks to ever-changing names, brands and dashboards that it offers to business owners who want to manage their online presence. From Google Places and Google+ Local to Google Business Photos and Google+ for Business Dashboard, the products are many and their influences are far-reaching.

They can all confuse business owners just starting out, as well as seasoned business owners. So how can you build your online presence, fully understand the impact of Google reviews, and track them over time?

Tracking Reviews

Google My Business was designed to streamline the management of local business information on Google and on all its platforms. Online reviews on Google are posted by users who must sign in when rating and writing about your business. Those reviews can be seen and managed through the dashboard, and they appear anywhere from search results to maps.

Google reviews are very important because they can greatly influence what customers think about your business. This is exactly why review monitoring and management is so critical. While Google reviews are a great place to showcase your business, it’s also a place where you have to be conscious about minimizing the impact that negative opinions could have on your business.

Google reviews are also critical when it comes to local search. So, don’t discount the quantity and quality of your reviews, as they can affect what information appears on Google search results.

You may wonder when you receive a review if it will immediately show up in search results. Not so fast. You’ll actually need at least four to five reviews before they start to show up in Google search results. In fact, if you just have four stars, you’ll show up, but in order to have your business and star rating show up, you’ll need five or more.

You may also wonder if you can respond to Google reviews. Yes, you can. Just be sure to claim your business and sign in when you want to make a response.

If you receive a negative review, your first thought may be “can I delete it?”. It certainly can be discouraging for a business owner to get a bad review but deleting it can prove cumbersome.  If you feel the review was unfair, unfounded or contained a personal attack, you can contact Google to contest the validity of the review.

Sometimes, it’s possible that fake reviews make it past the review screening process. Spammy reviews or those written by people you suspect have never visited your establishment can be flagged for possible removal.

The best way to track your Google reviews is to keep an eye on your review sites, social media platforms and website every day. This way, you can respond to any review that needs your immediate attention. Better yet: why not let Boost Reviews take care of everything for you? Check us out now to see how.


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