How to Respond to a Negative Review

You’re a business owner: you know not all customers are satisfied. You’ve had your share of negative feedback over the years. But when that feedback appears on your social media pages, review sites or even your own website, you can’t stand back and let it happen – at least without trying to make the situation better.

You can’t stop the bad reviews from happening, but what you can do is adjust the way you respond to them. Positivity is the key here. Check out these steps to responding to a negative review.

Step 1: Sympathize and Apologize

First, do what you can to acknowledge the customer’s concerns – even if they seem to be unfounded in your eyes. Offer up some sympathy for their bad experience, saying something like: “I’m sorry to hear you had a negative experience with our company.”

Step 2: Add a bit of marketing

No one says you can’t add some marketing techniques in here to make the best of a bad situation. Explain how a more typical customer experience goes, like: “We’re normally known for our exceptional attention to detail, and we sincerely regret that we failed to live up to your expectations.”

Step 3: Continue the conversation offline

Give the customer your contact info so they can initiate further discussion on another platform, such as in person or over the phone. Be accessible and genuine. Try: “My name is [name] and I am the [Owner / Manager]. If you want to discuss the matter further, please get in touch with me at [phone number / email].”

Step 4: Keep the response simple

The more you say, the more chance you have to open yourself up to even more criticism. Don’t go into too much detail and don’t ask further any questions. You never know if you are inadvertently saying something to upset the customer further, compounding the negative feedback. Three sentences for your reply is a good rule of thumb.

Contact Boost Reviews

Bottom line is, don’t ignore negative reviews. It’s vital to respond positively to a bad review, which helps you maintain your online reputation in general. To learn more, contact Boost Reviews today.


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