How to Remove Negative TripAdvisor Reviews Before Your Customers See Them

TripAdvisor, the #1 travel destination and accommodation website in this country, boasts more than 460 million user reviews and opinions on about seven million listings pertaining to hotels, restaurants, rentals and attractions. It stands to reason then, as a travel-related business, you’re concerned about receiving negative reviews. That’s because as our reliance on online reviews increases, their impact on your bottom line increases as well.

Today, review sites are a critical part of the travel booking experience. Research shows that the majority of travelers check online reviews before booking a hotel or venue. But too many negative reviews can cost you a lot of business when it comes to attracting new customers. Research also shows that most travelers won’t consider doing business with a company that has less than a three-star rating.

On the flip side, positive reviews can help you earn more money. A majority of travelers said they will happily pay more for a hotel room if it has excellent ratings across the board.

However, bad reviews are a part of doing business. Is it possible to keep your customers from seeing those negative reviews? You have a few options that may work.

Delete Negative TripAdvisor Reviews

You may be able to remove some negative reviews from TripAdvisor, but it’s not always possible. This site doesn’t just remove negative reviews because the business owners say so. This violates the whole purpose of a review site in the first place, as people have a right to rate businesses so as to warn others of a bad experience or alert them of an exceptional one.

In order to get a review removed, you’ll have to demonstrate that it is problematic in some way. But you should take a look at the rules for using TripAdvisor’s site, particularly within the Reviews, Comments and Use of Other Interactive Areas section of the Terms of Use page. These guidelines outline the expectations people should have when posting content to its site. Failure to comply with these principles of behavior can lead to review deletion.

It may be quite simple right off the bat to see that your negative TripAdvisor review qualifies for deletion, such as in the case of a guest who has harassed a staff member and who then proceeds to personally go on the attack. It’s fairly simple to go about getting that post removed.

However, it’s not always clear when a review is in violation of policies. There are two sides to every story and it will ultimately be up to TripAdvisor to make a decision. That decision will be final.

You can flag a review for deletion on TripAdvisor by clicking the gray flag on the bottom-right corner of the review. The site’s editors will then be able to see it.

Even if you manage to get a review removed, the process doesn’t exactly guarantee that your customers will not see it before it’s gone. Hopefully, though, you can minimize the time it’s posted so that fewer people see it in the long run.

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