How to List Your Business on Apple’s New Maps Connect Portal

After Apple’s mostly failed attempt at its own maps feature a few years back, the company hasn’t made too many big strides in improving it. But now, Apple wants your help in improving the functionality of its Maps app by manually adding your company name and contact information to the app’s local business listings.

You can do that via a self-service data entry portal known as Apple Maps Connect. It just takes a few minutes to log in with your Apple ID and password, add your information, make any edits and maintain control of your company’s information within the app. The biggest benefit for you? You get more local customers delivered right to your doorstep.

SearchEngineLand says this DIY service is only available to small business owners within the United States right now, but Apple has plans to eventually include additional countries in the near future. If your business location is already listed on Apple Maps, you can use Apple Maps Connect to edit that existing listing and beef it up.

You can also add your company’s website URL, Facebook, Yelp and Twitter pages to your profile. Plus, if your business gets at least a million visitors each year and you use WiFi all throughout your establishment, you can sign yourself up for iBeacon, Apple’s Bluetooth-powered location system. This system allows retail shops to provide discounts and incentives to shoppers who are browsing for products inside the store, via their iPhones and iOS devices.

How to Add Your Company

Check out these easy steps to add your company to Apple Maps:

1. Visit

Log in with your Apple ID and password or sign up for one if you don’t have one.

2. Select relationship to your business.

You’ll find this on the Add a New Business Page. Select “I’m the business owner or “I’m authorized by the business owner.”

3. Enter basic business details.

Enter your business name, main business phone number and address.

4. Verify phone number.

Allow Apple to call the number you give them to verify it. The call will give you a PIN code to do this, but you can always choose “Verify Later.”

5. Confirm business location.

With three main categories to choose from, you will be able to select your business type within many sub categories. Don’t spot a category that fits? You may suggest one.

6. Confirm hours of business.

Out of a list of seven days, enter your hours for each. You can also check off “open 24 hours.”

7. Add company website and social media accounts.

Type or cut and paste the URLs into the fields located in the Add More Details section.

8. Review business information.

Review all information and click “OK.” You should see new listings appearing within Apple’s Maps app within a week. Apple will get in touch if it needs additional information for verification purposes.

Contact Boost Reviews

Listing your business on Maps Connect is important for visibility, but so are online reviews that put your company in a positive light. Let Boost Reviews help you with that. Contact us by phone or request a call back with our online form.





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