How to Keep the Reputation of Your Brand Safe

Nothing is more precious than your brand and its reputation. Keeping it protected at all costs should be priority #1. However, this can be easier said than done in today’s ever-evolving world of digital advertising. Everything you do hinges on your reputation, from budgets and relationships to sales and your bottom line.

In essence, your reputation is definitely on the line every minute of every day. All decisions you make will affect it, so brand safety should be front of mind for you as a business owner. Anything from a PR crisis to a cluster of bad reviews can greatly damage your brand equity, so how can you as a business owner best protect the sanctity of your brand while still delivering on high-impact campaigns?

Check out these key steps to achieving effective and efficient brand safety:

  • Define what is unsafe for your company. When you define what kinds of content you deem safe or unsafe, you form a foundation for a strong online presence. It’s important to critically think about what is harmful to your brand so you can better establish rules from the start and apply them continuously throughout the life of your business.
  • Balance precision and scale. When you determine the most effective level of brand safety, you must make an even balance between the accuracy of analysis and the impact of your reach. If you’re overcautious, your reach will suffer and costs will increase. If you focus too much on campaign scale, this will result in insufficient protection and potential online reputation nightmares. Balance is vital, requiring finesse and informed judgement.
  • Use the right technology. Brand safety solutions may be looked at as commodities by some people, but this is false. If you aren’t using the right technology to evaluate risk, there will be gaps in accuracy. To get a truer understanding of your brand’s safety, you need to conduct an accurate assessment of content.
  • Choose where you want to apply protection. Deciding on where you should apply brand safety criteria is important. Are you going to invest in pre-bid filters or customized keyword block lists? Will you invest in online review technologies that can monitor what people are saying about you? You may want some or all of that. The key is to provide a consistent methodology for full protection.
  • Create a Brand Story Built on Ethics. Because customers place a great deal of trust in a brand when they buy their products and services, you should build your company on a solid set of ethics that will drive your sales and marketing campaigns.
  • Always Keep Your Brand Promises. If you want to be regarded as a trusted and reliable brand, keep your promises to customers. If you tell them you always provide free shipping, do it. If you say you have the lowest prices online, mean it. If not, your customers will look at your brand as untrustworthy and will go elsewhere for their needs.
  • Apologize Early in a Crisis. Of course, mistakes happen in any business, but if you send the wrong tweet, can’t meet a stated delivery time, or inadvertently send a damaged product, don’t ignore the error and hope it will go away. Own up to it immediately, say you’re sorry and resolve the problem quickly. Your customers will be much more understanding if you approach the situation diplomatically.

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