How to Get Reviews For Your Website

You already know reviews are a very powerful asset for your website, providing a continual stream of new and unique content that proves useful for readers. However, what you may not know is how to gather reviews for your website that you know will be positive. Here we’ll take a look at how to get reviews and integrate them.

The biggest reason why you should add reviews to your website is to add new content with useful information. However, whenever you rely on UGC (user generated content), you expose yourself to unpredictability – mainly in the form of negative reviews. That’s why you need a review policy that outlines acceptable language and terminology, minimum lengths, and maximum number of reviews. These are general best practices to have in place for your own editorial control.

However, there is a difference between changing a typo to changing the whole tone of a review, so be careful how much you edit. Ultimately, you want to be able to filter out the trolls but you don’t want to impose on any legality issues.

But all the technicalities aside, getting reviews in the first place is what’s so difficult for businesses. There are many ways to go about this.


The best way to go about getting honest reviews is to write the reviews yourself after using the products or services. However, this can get expensive. For example, some travel site owners will go from hotel to hotel and review each one in detail. That’s a lot of cash being spent just to get a positive review!

Review Contests

Getting user submitted reviews is easy with a contest of some kind. Don’t make it look as though you are trying to incentivize false positive or negative reviews. You want to accept all reviews, whether positive or negative, into your contest, provided they meet your editorial standards. Don’t have an established audience or social media presence? Push your contest on Twitter or take out an ad on Facebook.

Rewritten Reviews

This one is sort of frowned upon in the review community. Some people use reviews from other services by having people rewrite them and submit them to their website. They feel it’s OK to keep the tone of the review the same as long as they are rewritten to avoid plagiarism. This is done only as a short-term strategy. Once they have compiled a lot of real reviews, they go back and delete the ones they influenced. We won’t recommend this one, but it does happen.

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