How to delete a Google Review

There are several good reasons why, in today’s world, reviews are at the core of marketing efforts for businesses large and small. Just consider the fact that today, most people trust online reviews as much as they do their own friends and family, and you will understand what we are talking about here. Indeed, 90% of consumers confess to being influenced in their purchasing decisions by online reviews, while 43% state that they would not consider doing business with an entity that has a three star rating. Here, in any case, is how you delete a Google Review;

Negative and fake reviews are a part of life

Reviews, as we have already mentioned, are great, but what happens when you get negative feedback. Dealing with negative reviews is something that we have previously talked about on this blog. The fact of the matter is that if your business involves interaction with people, its going to be inevitable that you are going to get some negative feedback, even while trying to your best to meet your customers’ demands. It is also possible that much of the adverse feedback that you will receive will be from people that have never even done business with you.

Negative reviews affect your business

What you need to understand is that negative reviews can affect your bottom line. Indeed, research indicates that businesses that gain one star on Yelp tend to see an increase of up 9 percent in their bottom line. What this means is that you can also expect a corresponding fall in your revenue should you lose a star due to negative and fake reviews.

How to Delete Google Reviews

The good news, when it comes to Google Reviews, is that it’s possible for business owners to delete negative and fake reviews. It has to be said, however, that you should not just rush to delete negative reviews. Adverse feedback can be turned into an asset, inasmuch as it allows you to get a better bearing of what your customers expect from you. So, how do you delete a Google review?

  1. Google allows you to delete certain reviews

The first thing that you need to note is that Google allows you to delete certain reviews;

  • Fake reviews
  • Advertisements and spam
  • Reviews that have a clear conflict of interest
  • Reviews that contain hate, inappropriate and violent speech
  • Off topic reviews.

Should any of the reviews that you wish to have removed fall under any of these categories, you can flag them for removal. Removal can be straightforward, as is the case with fake reviews and advertisements, and not so straightforward, as is the case with feedback that contains conflict of interest.

  1. There is no “Delete,” button

There is actually no delete button in Google My Business for reviews that have been left with regard to your business. There are steps, however, that you can take to have Google reviews deleted.

  1. Engage the customer

One great way through which you can remove negative reviews from your Google profile is by attending to the customer’s concerns and getting them to change their review. This is a simple enough process, if the review is from a genuine customer.

Responding to the review allows you to get close and personal with the concerned customer, which gives you both the ability to explore any available options. Responding to a review, even a negative one, provides the customer with the assurance that your business cares, which tends to be motivation enough for them to change their review.

  1. Respond to fake reviews

But what do you do if the review is from a fake customer? Well, the best thing to do in this instance is to respond to the review anyway. This provides you with the opportunity to give facts that explain that the review is not a genuine one.

Once that is done, the next thing that you need to do is to ask Google for help. You can do this by flagging the review. This is done through your Google My Business page. Once you have signed in, click on your business location and then choose “Reviews.” Look for and flag the review that you wish to have removed. Google will review the request to have the review removed, and if it is deemed that your concern is justified, the review will be removed.

  1. Contact Google

You can also speed up the process by getting in touch with Google. This is done through Google My Business. Once you have logged in, click on “Menu,” and then scroll down to “Support.” Click on Contact Us in the popup that appears and then “Need More Help.” Next, click on “Customer Reviews and Photos,” and then “Manage Customer Reviews.” Choose any of the available ways that you wish to have Google get in touch with you.

  1. Generate more reviews to down out the negative feedback

This is another way through which you can remove negative reviews. The fact that newer reviews appear first means that you have the ability to generate more reviews that serve to push the adverse feedback to the backburner. The good thing about Google is that, unlike Yelp, the company actually encourages you to ask for feedback from your clients. What it means, therefore, is that the more reviews that you generate, the less likely that the negative review will have an adverse effect on your business.

  1. The importance of quick responses

Quickly responding to reviews is of importance when it comes to maintaining your online reputation. Before any review has had the chance to do damage to your brand, you actually have a window of opportunity in which you can, as we have already noted, engage the customer in order to come up with solutions to their issues. This is something that you should seriously do. The truth of the matter is that gathering and maintaining online reputations is a fulltime occupation, which is where we, at Boost Reviews, come into the picture. Our reputation management software allows you to gather and manage your reviews in one simple interface.

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