How to Create a Link to Your Google Reviews

If you are a local business, Google My Business reviews are vital because they are one of the first things that pop up when someone searches for you. Prospective customers can then use these reviews to decide if they will engage further with you. Getting customers to write that Google review in the first place can be challenging, though.

Why? Google doesn’t make it easy to write one. If you were to write up an email requesting customers to send a Google review, you would have to go through a lot of time consuming steps in order to do so. The email to your customers would be very long and they would likely get overwhelmed and delete it.

Check out these simple steps on how to create a direct link to your Google reviews page so the process is simpler on you and your customers. This will make it likelier that your customers will actually write the review.

Step 1: Visit Google’s Place ID tool

This tool allows you to locate the unique identification code specific to your business. Essentially, this is what Google uses in its maps system to differentiate you from other area businesses.

Step 2: Enter Your Business Name

Enter this in the designated field, making sure it’s exactly how you entered your Google My Business name.

Step 3: Copy Your Place ID

Once you see your business pop up, your place ID will show under your business name, appearing as a string of letters and numbers approximately 25 characters long. Save this code.

Step 4: Enter Your ID

Enter your Place ID into the following URL to create your link: PLACE ID HERE

When using the above link, the URL with the place ID should appear like this:

Step 5: Send the Review Link to Customers

Use the link you made and send it off to your customers. They will see a window in their browser that makes it super simple for them to leave a review when signed into their Google account.

Just keep in mind that it’s against Google’s policy to solicit reviews with incentive offerings. What you should do is send out a friendly email to your customers asking them to leave a review after using your services.

Now that you have the link, you can use it to start collecting positive reviews.

How to get more Google reviews:

  1. Send emails to your customers with your new link, asking them to submit a review.
  2. Add a “Leave a review” button on your website.
  3. Make a QR code, printing it on your menus, posters and fliers.

In order to leave a review, your customers must be signed in with their Google accounts.

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