How to Boost your CTR in AdWords

Google AdWords is, without doubt, the best Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising platform that can be found out there. The major preoccupation for marketers around the world, when it comes to AdWords, is to have as many clicks as possible, to justify the cost of investing in the program. So, how do you boost your CTR in AdWords?

It’s not really that easy to figure out what needs to be done when it comes to boosting your AdWords CTR. You may have come across a countless number of articles on the internet, telling you how you can get the most out of AdWords, but without the advanced CTR optimization steps that are listed below, you are probably still stuck in the doldrums. So, how can you boost your CTR in AdWords?

  1. Get Star Ratings for your AdWords Ads

The first thing that you need to do, when it comes to boosting the click through rate in AdWords, is to get star rating extensions on your ads. So, what are star ratings and how do they help optimize the performance of your ads in AdWords?

What are Star Rating Extensions?

Carry out a search on Google, and you will notice that some of the ads that pop up have a five star based system, which serves as a visual confirmation to people that see your ads that their peers have already done business with you and have left glowing reviews online.

How to Boost your CTR: Seller and product ratings

Star Rating extensions can be divided into seller and product ratings. Seller ratings highlight reviews that have been left with regard to a particular seller, such as Amazon, while product ratings deal with individual products, such as a particular camera or cell phone. You can read more about Star rating extensions by following the links that are provided above.

How to get star rating extensions in your AdWords ads

At Boost Reviews, we can help you get star rating extensions in your AdWords ads. The great thing about this is that it helps significantly boosts your CTR, by acting as a beacon of trust, attracting the people that get to see your ads.

  1. Start Using Countdown Timers

Another way through which you can boost the CTR in your Google AdWords ads is through the use of countdown timers. Human beings, it has been discovered, respond better where a sense of urgency, even a false one, is invoked.

What people call the fear of missing out is a major factor in driving business across the world. Add a start and end date to your ad, and people will react positively out of fear of missing out on the deals that are on offer.

  1. Using Symbols in your AdWords Ads

This is the third tip, as far as improving the CTR in your AdWords Ads is concerned. Research indicates that people respond better to the use of symbols, as opposed to having an ad that is composed completely of text.

So, an ad that says “30% off” is going to have a better click through rate than one that says “thirty percent off.”

As is the case with star ratings, having symbols allows your ads to stand out from within the crowd, making it likely that people are going to click on them, as opposed to those of your competitors. Of course, people are also going to respond positively to the discount, but that is another point entirely.

  1. Having your main keyword in your ad’s URL

Another way through which you can boost the click through rate in your AdWords ads is by having your main keyword in the URL of your ad. This helps build trust in the people to whom your ads are delivered.

When your target audience comes across your ad, they are instantly reassured that you have what they are looking for because your URL initiates the process of answering their queries.

An example of what we are talking about here would be having an ad whose URL is, If you are advertising Judo classes for Meg Healthy, a Gym in California, you are much more likely to get clicks than with an ad whose URL is simply,

  1. Have a Call to Action in your AdWords Ads

The importance of having a call to action (CTA) as part of your AdWords ad can never be overemphasized. So, people are going to come across your ad, but what do you want to have them do when they do that? Do you want them to go on their merry way without taking any action?

People, surprisingly enough, seem to want to be told what to do, and this is where a great call to action comes into play. There are a number of CTA that you can use to get people to take the desired action;

  • Find out more
  • Call now!
  • Hurry
  • Download our ebook now!

Indeed, Google itself suggests that calls to action are a useful way through which you can boost the CTR of your ads.

  1. Know your Audience

One of the most important things that you need to do, before even setting out to create your AdWords Ad, is to have an in-depth understanding of who it is that you are trying to target. Who are the people that you wish to have click on your ads?

How do they search online for the services that you are offering? What keywords do they use? What is it that they are looking for and what is it that they loath?

Once you have developed an in-depth understanding of your target audience, you can then create ad copy that really talks to your target audience’s expectations. Answer their questions and you are likely to have a great CTR.

Google Ads

Just to mention here that Google AdWords will soon become Google Ads. The company will soon be rebranding, a move that, as is noted in the article in the provided link, appears more superficial than anything else.

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