How NOT to Respond to Negative Reviews

Reviews are something that every business is on the lookout for, and for good reason. Just consider the fact that up 90% of consumers now confess to first checking out a product or service online before making a purchase, and you will appreciate the fact that online reviews have become a major driver of much of the world’s commerce. Getting reviews is important, but what do you do when you start receiving ones that are not so flattering? Here is how not to respond to negative reviews;

The inevitability of negative reviews

In most sectors, negative reviews have a certain inevitability that, if not managed properly, can spell doom for entire businesses. Wherever there is interaction with people, there is, inevitably, going to be some negative feedback. How to respond to negative reviews is, therefore, a question that every business owner is going to be confronted with at one point of the other.

Negative reviews endure

The internet age has made negative reviews a commodity that cannot be easily shrugged away. Just think of it; two decades ago, the only thing that would have resulted from negative interaction with your customers would have been a call or a letter. Word would probably also have gone out, but probably only to a few neighbors and friends.

Today, the negative reviews that you get have the potential to endure decades into the future. Reviews are also now reaching global audiences. Indeed, what happens to a business is no longer limited to its area of operation. Anyone who has a computer and internet connectivity in any part of the globe can get information about your business at any time.

Social Media and Online Reviews

Adding to the potent power of online reviews is social media. Today, it has become very easy for people across the globe to share information about a particular product or service. This translates into capital, if the information that is being shared is positive. Where it is negative, however, the consequences can be devastating for a business. So, how should you respond to negative reviews? Its important, in any case, to know how not to respond to negative reviews.

Negative reviews can be devastating for a business

A major reason why business owners tend to respond so negatively to reviews is the fact that they realize that negative feedback can have a devastating impact on the bottom line. In fact, a study by Harvard showed that a drop by a single star in a business’ rating can lead to a 5 to 6% fall in revenue. That is why you should get in touch with us today, at Boost Reviews, for help with those all important star ratings.

  1. Don’t create more problems with your response

One of the major things that happen, particularly with small business owners, is that their responses to negative reviews often create even more problems than the scathing reviews themselves. Now, that may not be a problem if you are looking for a little bit of publicity, however negative.

Slugging it out with a customer has gotten many a business owner into the news, for all the wrong reasons. However, other than the novelty, there is not much of use that you are going to take away from the experience.

  1. Address your customer’s concerns

Just remember that online review sites like Boost Reviews and Yelp are not just there to baby your business into the next phase of growth. The primary aim, when it comes to reviews, is to make sure that the customer gets only the best.

That’s why it is so important for you to make sure that you respond positively to the customer’s negative review. Admittedly, it may be difficult to satisfy everyone all the time, but taking steps to address your customer’s concerns may just turn that negative review on its head.

Identify the area where customers have been posting the most complaints and work hard to make sure that those areas are addressed.

  1. Get in touch with the affected customer

Where it is possible, it actually pays to get in touch with the concerned customer. That is why its so important for you to stay in touch with every bit of dialogue that’s going on across the web with regard to your business.

This is something on which we specialize at Boost Reviews. Sign up today, and we will gather in one place all the reviews that are left online by your customers.

Not only that, but we also make sure that you are notified whenever new reviews are posted online. This allows you to instantly get in touch with the affected customers in order to address their concerns.

Monitoring Social Media for Mentions

Part of this strategy involves monitoring social media for mentions of your brand. This allows you to promptly respond in a way that is both personal and positive, which tends to have a positive impression on your customers.

  1. Negative reviews are actually an opportunity

Most of the headline grabbing slugging matches that have occurred between customers and small business owners are a result of having the wrong impression about negative reviews in general. Most people, when they get negative feedback, give knee-jerk responses, which can spell trouble for a business.

What you need to do, in any case, is take a step back and introspect. What is it that you did that caused the customer to leave a negative review? In most instances, the problem may not have to do with your products and services per se, but with your communication skills.

  1. Apologize for your mistakes

One of the reasons why business people tend to get in trouble with negative reviews is because they are not willing to apologize for mistakes. In fact, it can even be helpful to apologize even when you are perfectly sure that you have made no mistake at all. We hope, in any case, that these tips on how not to respond to negative reviews will help you out moving forward.

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