How Do Small Businesses Get Good Reviews?

From the moment your small business was born, you’ve been chasing up good  reviews. Begging family, bribing friends, and messaging your loyal customers to try  and get that elusive review that you can shout from the rooftops to prove that your  business is worthy, legitimate and that people should buy from you.

Does this sound like you?

Every business owner knows that reviews are vital for the success of your business – After all, just look at Orlando SeaWorld’s attendance rates after the Blackfish  documentary came out! Up to 97 percent of future customers look at reviews prior to  buying a product, and if you’re a small business owner, you’re probably wondering:

“How do I get people to review my products?”

“How do small businesses get good reviews?”

While getting people to leave reviews isn’t always easy, we have a couple of tried  and tested methods that can help. Whether you’re the CEO of a big business or the  owner of a start-up, keep reading to find out five methods down below!


1. Ask in person 

What’s one of the best, most straightforward ways to guarantee that you get a  review? Ask your customers in person! 

While straight up asking somebody to leave a review can seem uncomfortable  (particularly if you don’t know them very well), the results show that it’s well worth it. 

Research from ZenDesk showed that, in 2018, up to 67% of customers who had a positive experience with a business recommended that business to  others [1]. By simply asking your customers face-to-face to leave you a review once they’ve bought a product or service from you, that number could easily be much higher. After all, if they’ve had a positive experience with you, it  would just be plain rude to say no! 

Hot Tip: After asking them in person, follow them up with a text message to make sure they don’t forget!

2. Provide an incentive 

You know what people love more than anything? Free stuff! 

You know how you can get more people to leave you a review for your small  business? Offer them free stuff!

While businesses aren’t allowed to incentivize people to leave positive  reviews, you are able to incentivize leaving an honest review – And you should  absolutely take advantage of this. 

Small businesses don’t always have the cash flow to run large giveaways and  provide huge incentives, but as a small business owner, there are a few  things you can do that won’t break the bank: 

  • Provide people with a one-off discount code (say, 10% off their next  order for example). 
  • Run a competition and one lucky person gets a discount or free  product 
  • Provide a certain amount of money off of a customers next order 

If you have a social media following you can easily run any one of the above,  then just watch the reviews flow in!

3. Send Them A Text 

We mentioned in our first point that asking your customers in person to leave  a review is a great way to get more customers to leave reviews. 

Now follow them up with a text message! 

Studies by ZenDesk have shown that 1 in 4 people prefer to communicate  with a business via text message [1], and sending your customers a text  message is a really simple way to remind them to review you. 

Using the Boost Reviews platform, you can easily input all of your customer numbers, email addresses and names into one place, create a custom text message to send out complete with a review link, then ask them to leave you a review with the click of a button. Compatible with Facebook, Google and a  range of other platforms, you can get reviews for just about anywhere!

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Follow Up 

Sometimes people need prompting. While 97% of customers will read reviews  online before buying from a business [2], just 46% of those customers are  likely to leave you a review in return, so prompting your customers to do so is  often useful. 

Now, there’s no point in prompting someone 100 times until they leave a  review – You’re more likely to get a negative review for spam than a positive  review – But sending your customers a gentle reminder via text, email or  social media can go a long way.

There are a few ways you can do this. Post existing reviews on social media,  and provide your followers with the opportunity to leave a review for  themselves, email them and ask how much they’re loving the product, then  request that they leave a review, or utilise the Boost Reviews platform. 

With the Boost Reviews platform, not only can you have all of your customers  in one place, but you can also track who has ignored your requests and who  has left you a review. That way, you can ensure that you only message new  customers, and avoid accidentally doubling up. 

Combine the follow up with an incentive, and you’re on your way to plenty of  positive reviews!

5. Promote Your Good Reviews 

We mentioned in our previous point that up to 97% of customers will read  reviews before deciding to purchase from your business. Why not take the  hard work out of the equation and post the reviews straight to your social  media! 

70% of potential customers have admitted that they need to read at least four  separate reviews before purchasing from a business, so placing your reviews  on your social media, in their line of sight is an easy way to start. Grab  reviews from your Facebook page, grab reviews from your Google listing, or  get your friends and family to text you a simple review, and turn it into a  stunning image to post on your feed. 

When posting a review on your social media, it’s particularly important to  include either a first name or a last name, so that people can recognise that  it’s a legitimate review, compared to something fake. Nobody likes fake  reviews! 

Another thing you can do, which was briefly mentioned above, is to encourage  your followers on social media to leave you a review. Next time you post that  5-star review, simply let your customers know that you really appreciate their  feedback, and that you’d like to know their thoughts as well. 

Simple, cost-effective, and guaranteed to help get you more reviews!




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