Here is Why You Should Respond to Online Reviews

Your business’ marketing and relationship-building efforts demand a digital component. After all, most of your customers are online anyway. May as well give them a platform to respond to your services and products. They’re called online reviews and they are critical to your business.

While the medium continues to change over the years, the core behaviors that make up customer relations have not. People still want to be heard, respected and addressed. But with online reviews being so public, it’s even more important to showcase your commitment to good customer service. Remember: your behavior is there for everyone to see. That being said, here are other reasons why you should respond to online reviews.

It Just Makes Sense

If a disgruntled customer came into your store and told you they were unsatisfied, you wouldn’t just walk the other way and ignore them. The same holds true for online feedback. Embrace it – good or bad – and address the core issue. The appropriate response is to first remain calm, don’t take anything personally, acknowledge the feedback, and reply in a courteous, apologetic and simple manner. This is just good customer service and it will pay off in spades later. There’s something to be said for showing courtesy to your customers – even if it is online and you are protected by your computer keyboard.

Google Likes It

When you take the time to respond to your reviews, particularly Google reviews, it shows this search engine giant that you’re doing everything you should and that the page is actively managed. Google will reward that activity with increased online exposure for that listing.

Builds Confidence

When someone finds your online listing and notices all the reviews and your responses, it shows them that you care about good service. Especially when it comes to negative reviews, this gives you the unique opportunity to turn one customer’s poor experience into a positive one. If you’re responding to a positive review, this can be something as simple as a public “thank you,” which reinforces your character and commitment to customers.

Never forget that online reviews can make or break your online reputation. Respond to them quickly, be appropriate with your responses, and make sure you leave your audience with a good impression of you. After all, they will be the ones making the big decisions about your business, determining how you are perceived online.

In a nutshell, you can think of your online review responses as a good way to groom your business. Treat your customers with dignity and respect, and you will get that back in return.

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