Five secrets of successful reputation manager

Reputation management may be hard to quantify, yet it forms a large part of every brand’s worth. It used to be that the only things that reputation managers around the globe were concerned with were a few words spread through word of mouth, or, in worst case scenarios, through newspapers and on the news. The good thing about this, if any good could be derived therein, was the fact that the bad press didn’t take that long to patter out and word of mouth could only take the word so far.

The Digital Age

The digital age, for all its wonders, has brought about a number of nightmares for those that are involved in reputation management. With the internet becoming the foremost medium of communication across the globe, any bad press that your brand receives today can spread like the proverbial wildfire across the entire world in a matter of minutes. Not only that, but the feedback that people now give with regard to one brand or the other now has a tendency to endure. The internet is, in this regard, practically forever, which further compounds the challenges that online reputation managers now have.

Secrets of a successful reputation manager

Yet everything is not doom and gloom. Indeed, the digital age brings with it a number of opportunities for those that are willing and able to exploit its many wonders. Your brand is, in this regard, only as good as you are able to make it, which brings us to the five qualities of a successful reputation manager;

  1. An in-depth understanding of social media

The fact of the online world is that the majority of people spent their time on social media. The successful reputation manager, therefore, needs to be able to exploit this fact to manage and promote his or her brand. There is a lot that can be done on platforms such as Facebook as far as promoting businesses is concerned;

  • Creating Facebook Pages
  • Hosting Facebook Live Events
  • Promoting upcoming events
  • Responding to customer queries
  • Creating Facebook Advertisements
  • Promoting one’s brand on Twitter and on Instagram

Social media is diverse, and platforms are constantly cropping up that challenge the way that people perceive the world. The good reputation manager needs to be able to delve into the social media world in order to interact with prospects right where they spend their time.

  1. Patience

Reputation managers have to deal with crises on a daily basis, making it important for them to have patience. There is also the fact that it takes time for one’s efforts to begin to bear fruit, and it can begin to look fruitless after only a short while. What you need to do is to keep doing the right things as far as promoting your brand is concerned.

Dealing with negative reviews

One of the things that you will discover is that negative reviews are almost inevitable for every business. Here, the good reputation manager also needs to be patient enough to understand that negative reviews do not have to have negative consequences. Indeed, adverse feedback can be turned positive by quickly responding to the customer’s concerns and, when they are satisfied, asking them to revise their review.

  1. Able to have a panoramic view of the arena

One of the mistakes that some reputation managers make is that of believing that the online community is limited to review sites such as Yelp, Google Reviews and Shopper Approved. What you need to do, on the other hand, is to have a bird’s eye view of the entire arena.

There is much more online than these traditional online review sites. There is, as we have already noted, also social media outlets, including Facebook, the biggest of them all. There are also other sites such as Quora.

At Boost Reviews, having a bird’s eye view is something that we really understand, which is the major reason why we have developed software that allows you to have a consolidated sight of everything that is said about your brand on the internet.

  1. Have a clear understanding of a business

One of the most annoying things that can happen to you as a customer is to have your queries responded to by someone who clearly does not have a good understand of the business or products that they are supposed to represent.

The successful reputation manager should, therefore, have an in-depth understanding of the workings of a particular business. If you are going to hire someone from outside as your reputation manager, make sure that they spend time learning everything that there is to learn about its workings, to enable them to effectively interact with your business’ clients.

  1. Be clear and engaging

Reputation management is a social calling, and you need to be able to, in order to become a successful reputation manager, be able to interact with various types of people in a clear, concise and professional manner.

If you have ever come across the online reviews that were turned into a damaging back and forth between the customer and business’ owner, you will understand the importance of being patient, as we have already noted at the top.

Most of the time the problem lies in the failure by the concerned parties to clearly articulate themselves and their issues. As a reputation manager, you need to be able to produce clear grammar, with the most minimal of spelling and punctuation errors.

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