Do People Really Trust Online Reviews?

Do you assume all those online reviews just get lost in all the Internet noise? Not so fast. They count, and they count a lot. Research reveals that 91 percent of people read online reviews and 84 percent trust online reviews as much as they do a personal recommendation, according to Inc. They do so quickly: 68 percent form an opinion after they read just one to six reviews.

Because of statistics like these, you have to create and maintain a process that encourages your customers to leave reviews. You also need a system in place to monitor the reviews they leave and improve any negative reviews you may get. Such a review process will help you receive more reviews and better ones for that matter. Here are some tips to manage your online reviews.

Mail Surveys

After your customers buy something from you, email them a customer satisfaction survey. You should honestly care about what your customers think about your products and services. Listening to them is the best way to improve what you offer, and to get ideas for new services.

Not everyone will respond but that’s OK. Improve your response rate by providing exceptional products and services, as people generally want to give reviews either when they are happy or when they are disappointed. There is no middle ground.

Bad Reviews are an Opportunity

Look at bad reviews as unique opportunities for engagement, not as problems. If an unhappy customer leaves a negative review online, you should first be monitoring the site before it becomes a pervasive problem, and then you should reach out directly to them to solve the problem.

The customer should feel like they are being heard. Don’t try to jump too quickly and attempt to solve the problem. Some just want you to listen and empathize. So, ask questions and validate the customer’s feelings. Only then should you focus on solving the problem, followed by politely asking for an edited rating.

Ratings Vary by Culture

Scores tend to vary from country to country and culture to culture. One person may rate something as “outstanding” while another will rate it as “above average.” The quality of the product or service hasn’t changed, but the cultural norms have. If you need more clarification from the results, don’t be afraid to ask your customer for greater detail.

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