5 ways of Generating Positive Reviews for your Brand

Online reviews are the engines that drive much of the business that takes place around the globe in this day and age. The truth of the matter, however, is that not many businesses are geared to harness the power of reviews to achieve growth. For most, reviews are a mere sideshow. Yet research indicates that up to 90% of consumers will first consult online reviews before making purchases. That is a staggering bit of statistics. What it means is that every business that wishes to achieve visibility and growth should be engaged full time with trying to get positive online feedback. Here, in any case, are 5 ways of Generating Positive Reviews for your business;

  1. Go over and above a customer’s expectations

The first thing that you need to understand is that you, as a business, are not going to get positive online reviews without making an effort to provide a services that goes over and above your customers’ expectations.

Let’s assume, as an example, that you run a restaurant. This kind of business is largely dependent on the reviews that are left on such places as Yelp, Google and Facebook.

A restaurant is only ever going to get the kind of reviews that it needs in order to achieve growth by offering the best possible service to its customers.

Reviews will flow organically

Do this and you will begin to see positive reviews flowing organically. This is what every business should be engaged in doing.

  1. Ask for reviews from satisfied customers

The next thing that you need to do in order to generate positive online reviews is to ask for reviews from satisfied customers. One of the things that every business needs to take note of is that people are not really naturally inclined to go online to leave feedback. Let’s face it, we, as individuals, all deal with a countless number of businesses on a daily basis. Very few of us ever think to go online to write reviews.

Negative reviews are much more natural

Having said that, it’s worth noting that a person who has had a negative interaction with a business is much more likely to be motivated to go online and leave a scathing review. That is the major reason why all businesses should be seized with the effort of getting positive feedback from their satisfied customers.

Allowing reviews to flow organically is likely to get you swamped by reviews from angry customers. Getting positive reviews should, therefore, be a positive effort.

Am I allowed to ask for reviews?

This is a question that is asked by many as they set out to start harnessing the power of online reviews. The answer is, it depends on the platform on which you wish to leave reviews. Google, as an example, actively encourages businesses to ask for feedback from their customers. This feedback is then used for such things as star rating extensions.

Yelp, on the other hand, frowns upon businesses that solicit for reviews from their customers. The thinking here is that reviews should be natural, with people posting feedback for the simple reason that they are satisfied with their purchases.

What this means is that whether or not you are going to solicit for reviews from your customers is going to depend on the platform on which you wish to have feedback posted. If you wish to have reviews posted on Google, then you can definitely ask for and reward those that leave feedback.

  1. Automate the process of gathering reviews

This is another way through which you can start generating positive reviews from your customers. Remember what we have just mentioned about people not being naturally inclined towards leaving feedback on the internet.

What people need, in most instances, is a gentle reminder, and they will respond in the way that you are looking for. The simplest way of getting reviews from your customers is by automating the entire process. This is something that we, at Boost Reviews, specialize in. We have tools that allow you to;

  • Gather reviews at the Point of Sale
  • Automatically send emails asking for reviews after every purchase
  • Ask for reviews using SMS

Automating the process of gathering reviews means that you are much more likely to reach out to satisfied customers than would be the case should you simply leave the process of gathering feedback to operate organically.

  1. Timing is everything

Timing, when it comes to getting online reviews, tends to be everything. What you need to do is pinpoint the precise moment at which your customer will be most satisfied and happy with your products or services. Once you have done this, you are then much more likely to get a positive review. So, at which point is a customer going to be most satisfied;

  • Soon after making a purchase,
  • When they receive a product or service.
  • Once they have had the chance to use the product.

As you can imagine, getting your timing right can be rather difficult. However, this is a craft that, through trial and error, you can master. Talk to us at Boost Reviews and we will help you with the timing of when it is most beneficial for you to reach out to your customers.

  1. Get as many listings as possible

Thing is, though they are helpful, not many people are going to be trustful of reviews that are on your website. That is the reason why you should make an effort to claim your listings on as wide a number of online review platforms as is possible. The best known review sites that can be found out there are;

  • Yelp
  • Google My Business
  • Trip Advisor
  • Amazon
  • Facebook Reviews

The good news is that getting listed on most of these platforms comes free of charge. There is, therefore, no real reason why you should not already be harnessing the power of reviews to help grow your business.

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