5 Online Reputation Management Myths

Today, everything is public and visible. There’s really no escaping all the information out there on the web, all the opinions, all the ideas and all the chatter. Trying to control it can seem impossible – especially when it comes to building an online reputation for your business. All it takes is just one bad moment to tarnish it.

However, if you feel overwhelmed, like it’s impossible to even overcome, think again. Your struggles may stem from all the common myths that are distorting perception and leading to tragic missteps. Check out these online reputation management myths that we debunk once and for all.

1.  Myth: You can’t control your online reputation

Truth: yes you can – sort of. No, you can’t prevent people from writing reviews, but you can react to them in a certain manner. However, a timely and suitable response to a negative review can mitigate the damage that ensues. If you make a point to develop quick response rates and feedback, you will gain the upper hand with your competitors. If you ignore the problem, it won’t go away – in fact, it will only make things worse.

2.  Myth: No reputation is better than a bad one

Truth: some bad reviews peppered in with all the good ones actually lends legitimacy to your business. Think about it: when you see only glowing reviews of a product or business, you may wonder how real they all are. After all, no one has a perfect record! A lack of testimonials and reviews will only serve to arouse suspicion, suggesting you are either unworthy or too new of a company to have a reputation yet.

Too many negative reviews could do more harm than good in the short term, but a few here or there can indicate business legitimacy.

3.  Myth: A solid plan will solve your problems

Truth: yes but you have to work really hard to ensure they don’t remain just words on a piece of paper. You have to commit to seeing them through. Real reputation management takes place at the level of business practices and processes. This is why you should craft a daily reputation management plan, understanding what your weak points are and addressing them.

4.  Myth: I just need to delete those bad online reviews

Truth: you can’t. For better or worse, you’ll have to deal with those bad reviews once published. Unless you can prove the review is fake or intentionally damaging in some way, valid reviews, on the whole, cannot be deleted. This is because they serve as trustworthy signals for consumers. There are ways to revoke a review, but be prepared to prove it’s fake, contains false claims, or is written by your competition. Even then it could be a long shot.

5.     Myth: Reputation management takes a lot of work

Truth: yes, it does if you do it yourself, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why so many businesses get help by outsourcing these tasks. For example, Boost Reviews can help you gather positive customer testimonials and reviews, and help you monitor and respond to them. Contact us now to find out how we can be your partner in reputation management.


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