4 Things That You Need to Know About Online Reviews

The allure of the Internet is all-encompassing. We shop online, we read reviews, we chat with friends, we do our research. With all this exposure and real-time access, businesses are gaining far-reaching exposure for their services and products. From books to healthcare products to lawn care services, consumers are reading online reviews at an unprecedented pace.

The growing influence of consumer feedback and the impact it brings to buyers’ decisions are of critical importance. If you own a business and want to get better at managing reviews, here are four ways you can master the online review platform.

1.  Don’t Try to be Perfect

While you may assume the opposite is true, conversion rates tend to be higher when products include a few negative reviews. It adds realism. If you’ve always strived for perfect five-star reviews, this may come as a surprise. However, one study revealed that a star rating between 4.2 and 4.5 is the most influential in assisting buyers to make purchasing decisions.

Why? Turns out, having an outlier or two or three provides a better representation of the population as a whole, instilling trust in people that the reviews they’re reading are authentic.

2.  Build Trust

Less-than-perfect reviews are actually more effective because they are real and authentic. While your first instinct may be to bury negative reviews, you should actually embrace them. Nearly 85 percent of customers trust both positive and negative online reviews just as much as they do a personal recommendation, making it even more important to respond professionally and promptly to reviews of all kinds. Use authentic concern about the reviewer’s experience and try to resolve their problem in an effort to build trust not just with the reviewer but also with prospective customers who are seeing all those responses.

3.  Engage in Conversation

Rather than hide from negative reviews, respond to them and learn from them. When you are open and vulnerable with your audience, you build up trust and make them want to continue doing business with you. It’s never easy to see someone complain about your business on such a public platform; however, when you respond with sincerity and respect, it makes you look good and it leaves you open to constructive feedback.

When you submit a kind response to a negative review, people can see that you’re in touch with their needs and are dedicated to providing the best product and service possible.

4.  Quantity AND Quality

The more reviews you receive, the easier it is to form an accurate picture of your product or service. Plus, they can translate to a higher conversion rate. Studies have shown that products with 50 or more reviews have a nearly five percent higher conversion rate than those with fewer.

By monitoring the quality of your reviews, you can better understand your customers’ preferences, help you determine which areas you’re doing well in and which ones you can improve in, and address any concerns that your customers may be having. After a customer has bought your product, ask them to review it immediately, then follow up with email reminders to make it easy on them.

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