4 Customer Engagement Strategies You Can Try

Building trust with your customers takes time and effort. You’re not just there to take their money and run (at least we hope you’re not!). If you’re like most business owners, you want to engage your customers, truly get to know what they want, and deliver a quality experience they will remember time and again.

If you’re in need of some proven, actionable “no regrets” strategies to use in engaging your customers, check out these four tips.

1.    Use Social Media as an Engagement Tool

Rather than using social media as simply another platform for exposure, use it to your advantage and engage with customers. If you use platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn as tools to connect with people, you will get better results. Social media is pervasive, and can’t be ignored. Pew Research Center says 68 percent of U.S. adults are Facebook users, and three-quarters of those users access Facebook every day.

2.   Engage Customers with In-Product Messaging

Product messaging involves notifying your customers about a new product. There are many channels you can use, from email to social media, but in-product messaging has been known to generate the best conversions.

In general, follow-up emails have poor conversion rates. That’s because sending too many out-of-context, general emails will increase your customers’ email fatigue rate. Instead, improve your conversions by sending in-product messages only to your best customers. You should appeal to a specific customer base by offering them a deal on the exact product in which they’ve indicated interest in the recent past.

3.   Value Your Free Trial Prospects and Urge Them to Upgrade

Free trial prospects are no longer simply onlookers. They’re actual customers. Many of them sign up to try a new software or solution but never follow through later to upgrade or renew their accounts. They can easily become overwhelmed when they first sign up for something new. Get them to upgrade their account through offers they can’t refuse.

4.   Target Specific Promotions to Your VIP Customers

People want to feel valued. They want to feel as though they are getting the best deal possible and that you’re offering something specifically to them for being such a great customer. VIPs (basically those who have been with you the longest and spend the most) are not just one-time buyers. Through proper customer engagement, you can keep those VIPs interested for the long haul. Consider why they have no problem spending a lot more money for your services and products than others do, and consider the small cost of reselling them compared with the cost of acquiring a new customer.

Having lots of VIP customers in your back pocket is like insurance:  this could mean that your business will grow and thrive even in an economic down turn.

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